Simply put, to be vibrant is to be full of energy, enthusiasm, activity, and life — in other words, healthy and alive. The presence and amount of vibrancy is a reasonable proxy for a city’s general health and well-being. A vibrant economy supports a mix of economic activities and promotes economic security. Access to living-wage, employment and economic opportunities are all present in our economic literature.There is participation in the labour market for all members of society in all areas of practice.

A number of things come to light that endears its residents that are common with what people tend to look for in other towns and cities. Safety first is the rule and understandably one of the most important aspects that people want in the place they live and work. People like to work close to where they live and having good jobs. The kind of businesses in a city of sales and office workers, professionals, and service providers are what attracts our visitors to the municipality. We do all the hard work to provide you a vibrant city to live and invest.


Globalization has made tourism a popular global leisure activity. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people “traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. Our rich culture is ready for the world to explore.

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The Suhum Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Mrs. Margaret Darko Darkwa has donated 30 bags of Rice, 6 boxes of cooking oil and cash amount to the Muslim Community on friday 21st April 2023 as a way of Feasting with them. The event took place at exactly 2:15pm at the Ayekotse Mosque.

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